Nutrition for the joints - Mariandl Gelatinaat

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Mariandl Gelatinaat: Nutrition for the joints

Mariandl Gelatinaat® is a dietary supplement containing calcium, magnesium, vitamin D and manganese. Calcium and magnesium contribute to normal muscle function; Vitamin D contributes to normal bone support; Manganese contributes to normal connective tissue formation and cell protection from oxidative stress.



500 g, 22 daily doses


Mariandl Gelatinaat® contains collagen hydrolyzate. Collagen hydrolyzate is a good source of glycine and proline amino acids. These amino acids are high concentrations of connective tissue and hence cartilage. Vitamin D ensures that normal bones are maintained. The added magnesium contributes to normal muscle function. Manganese is suitable for the production / construction of cartilage in the joints.


At first glance, the advantages

• Especially suitable for the elderly and athletes

• Does not contain sugar and artificial sweeteners

• Vitamin D supports bones

• Magnesium supports muscles

• Easy to use

• With a convenient gauge

• Contains no allergens


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